Accounting services: How to subscribe

23 Mar 2013
Submitted by admin

Accounting services can be subscribed easily.

Firstly you need to test a service for self-accounting Operate a business Beginner. Subscribing procedure for test work is a base for future commercial exploitation of the services.

  1. Register an account at the Do not forget to read and accept the Rules of Service and Privacy Policy posted on the website at the following links. Remember, downloading and installing the client part of the intelligent platform for management of business you automatically agreed the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the Bonus Notus UAB.
  2. Follow the link to download the client-side part of intelligent software platform for business management IMPFORCE.
  3. After the end of downloading, run the application, read and accept user agreement and start the program.Connection to business solution for test
  4. Launch the installed application, and in the dialog window accept the proposed details for login into a preconfigured business solution to test. Solution is placed in remote server and the application automatically connects with the server. The rest will be done automatically. During the first connection to a remote server software will be automatically updated and will offer to restart itself.  On accepting restart of application it will be reloaded. User need not to launch it again.

In result, user will be connected to a typical solution with all components of the platform available at this time. He will be able to learn not only offered functionality for accounting and management, but also for human resources management, administration of access rights, and other business opportunities of the IMPFORCE.

Secondly, for receiving and using of your own business solution for business management you need:

  1. to contact service provider for invoicing
  2. to pay a connection and a minimum a monthly subscription fee to use the service
  3. to receive provider's email with instruction of changing test connection properties on your own details and perform it
  4. use the ordered service.

After performing of the above conditions, own user's profile to access user's business solution will be available for connection.

Remember that a service works on a prepaid base and your account at last week of a month should be credited on sum of a monthly fee. Additional services received during a previous month need to be paid during 5 days of the next month. Servicing will be stopped automatically the first day of the following month if a balance of subscriber's account will be less than monthly fee or if additional services fees will not be done timely.