Accounting: specification of component's functionality

16 Mar 2013
Submitted by admin

Accounting solutions for business

  • Quantity of companies is not limited per database (developer don't recommend use the feature for real holdings)
  • Doing of accounting for different taxation systems is possible for different companies in one database
  • Necessary to a user quantity of accounting standards can be used simultaneously per one company in one database
  • Multilingual interfaces and additional feature for using of three languages simultaneously for all required objects in a database
  • Changing types of company's taxation is possible during the working without changing the software or preinstalled business solution (some additional works can be required in cases of business extending)
  • Different branches, departments, subsidiaries and other units can be involved in accounting. All documents can be prepared by these units with their details.
  • Different working places of employees can be configured by users at solutions for different access to the data
  • Documents and data exchange between contractors, subsidiaries and holdings that are using the IMPFORCE for accounting with full compatibility and without needs to re-enter the incoming data. Only check it and accept the incoming records
  • Analyze of any quantity and types of information without any restriction and limitation in databases of related parties in accordance with access rights.
  • High level of security and safety of communication and data storing
  • Fast and low consumption work of the software even when user work remotely
  • Fully automatic updates and maintenance by the software. All users’ data are in safe and any technical specialist is not required.

Features for accountants

  • Any quantity of accounts charts can be used simultaneously
  • Any quantity of accounts from different accounts charts can be used in business operation simultaneously
  • Any quantity of analytics can be added into business operations for extending intelligence of accountancy. User can use not only departments and contracts details in operation but and any created by him analytics like model, collection, size and other
  • Managing by different types of user's prices and different types of user's pricelists in one database
  • Different prices for different employees in different documents: price of storage or price of sale
  • All methods of writing off the cost: FIFO, LIFO, average with full and flexible support of lots
  • Fully automatic calculation of VAT in accordance with preconfigured by user rates
  • Using different writings, connections and inheritance of data between them, calculations of their data with special formulas' editor
  • Using of different automatic numeration items and their creation with editor
  • Special settings for any templates of writings (records) or operations for check of completeness of the documents, based on the templates, before saving for the presence of required minimum of information for correct bookkeeping of the records
  • Fully functional import of banks' statements from different banks (bank's statement of new format that is not present in the system will require contact to local service provider)

Special and unique features

  • Dive into the past - possibility to fully change current appearance of the software, user's data, forms (printing views) and settings at the state on the selected date in past
  • Editor of printing views (reports and forms) and RTF editor (contracts, acts of acceptance and etc.) with linking of their forms to the data sources for automatic filling with required data
  • Editor of views for creation or modifying of any interfaces in the business solutions on fly without programmer or any technical employees.
  • Powerful wizard of reports can combine any system's objects in any user's report, provides the data source for filling of printing views (reports and forms) on fly.
  • Powerful access configuration tools for flexible and safe working of the company in local and distance working regime.