IMPFORCE Provozují podnik Profesionál

29 Bře 2013
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IMPFORCE® Operate a Business Professional is a professional bookkeeping and accounting service with online access of the consumers to own business data and powerful tools for business analyse of the intelligent management platform for companies and enterprises IMPFORCE.

This service provides the subscribers with possibility to avoid routine operations of bookkeeping and concentrate their attention on business and it health through permanent analysing of different business indicators. Staff of service providers gets and processes consumers' documents, keeps the records in actual state and prepares all accounting, tax and statistical reports required at the territory of the business. At the same time the subscriber and his personnel have powerful and flexible tools for analyse and free time for managing a business.

The service allows operate a business of any size with involving the expert in accountancy on outsourcing base and reduce the expenses, raise business stability, reduce the number of crashes and errors and remove wasted time on wasted procedures and processes.

Also Operate a Business Professional is attractive solution for geographically distributed companies with a lot of sale points or front offices where work only sales managers, administrators or any other similar personnel who produces required business documents. Such business can be easily reengineered and automated with the intelligent management platform software or Operate a Business Professional service. Combination of works' results of consumer’s personnel and professional accountants of service provider allows achieving best effectiveness of such business at low costs.

Distant work of the business points is also interesting for holdings and related parties for improving management activities or raising effectiveness of control. Feature of Documents exchange provides the users with tools for planning, operating and analysing of related businesses, simplifying documents workflow and performing business more quickly.

Multilanguage interfaces, business objects, correspondents and other blocks of platform’s object model simplify the processes of business solutions development, implementing and exploitation of the users’ business solutions at different companies around the world. All of implemented business solutions of one company can be easily shared within other companies of the owner and link the different enterprises in one secure communication tree with the best management process.