IMPFORCE Provozují podnik Začátečník

29 Bře 2013
Submitted by admin

IMPGATE.COM distributes the business software IMPFORCE in the Software as Service mode and helps the small, medium sized or geographically distributed businesses improve their activities with a new service - IMPFORCE Operate a Business Beginner.

IMPFORCE Operate a Business Beginner is online software self-service for accounting and management that provides powerful, scalable, and unrestricted possibilities for everyday bookkeeping practices and management by entrepreneurs, business owners who are not skilled in accountancy and helps them to reduce costs, negative influence of routine activities, lack of experience.

However, this does not means that service or intelligent software platform in box cannot be uses by professionals of business, accounting and management.

Work in the online system is based on the next scheme:

  • user use user-friendly business operation templates that provides a simple and easy approaches to change the routine bookkeeping practice for assets, incomes, expenses, debts and other objects of users' accountancy. This is possible due to the identification of the document type by the user and filling of the documents' data into an appropriate operation templates
  • all users' data placed into the preinstalled business operation templates (and typical accounting entries) and includes them in the business solution ledgers automatically
  • all required fiscal and statistical reports can be viewed on current date if only user had processed all the original documents completely.

Please notice that some types of business activities can require additional service of preparation consumer's business solution to work.

As stated above, users of online self-service for accounting and management can:

  • manage the business operatively and without any special knowledge via flexible analyze of the business with powerful master of reports
  • improve themselves by growing their knowledge, skills and experience
  • prepare all required fiscal, financial, internal reports and perform their business obligations on time
  • use 3 different languages in their business environment simultaneously: interface language, tax and reports language, native language of user
  • improve and scale typical business solution independently and raise it to a new level with a lot of custom operation templates, interfaces and reports
  • choose the more powerful level of service when business will required that and to do this transfer without any problems, because all levels solutions are absolutely compliant each to other or buy the licenses of the software and transfer the business solution to own technical ground
  • ask the professional accountants for help and errors correction

All objects of typical business solutions can be extended, updated, and modified by the users. There are no restrictions or limitations on correspondents, size of the business and other objects in the IMPFORCE platform exist. All required principles of strategic or operations management, management accounting, CRM, HRM, documents workflow, reengineering and other methods can be placed into the business software solutions easily and freely.

All business wishes IMPFORCE users will be realized by software platform!