On-line služby pro vlastní účetnictví

21 Bře 2013
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What is an online service for independent and professional accounting?

Online services for independent and professional accounting are modern services provided access to the software for business, enterprise management and the resources, called IMPFORCE. These services help the software be closer to the consumer and start helping him, from the earliest stages of the formation of his business, to help him develop the business through better business management system, to provide the most advanced technologies, approaches and methods of management.

For what is impgate.com?

The site allows potential and existing customers of the online services for business management:

  • get information about services
  • make decision about subscription
  • take consultations about using of the online services
  • communicate with other users of the software as a service.

Independent accounting with intelligent software platform for business management IMPFORCE this is:

  • access to the unlimited features of the platform from the first stages of the formation of any business, from small to large, from a private entrepreneur to a holding
  • ability not only to do accounting, for submitting the tax and statistical reports, but and the ability to manage the business by continuously improving the business through the use of management accounting
  • opportunity to learn the basic principles of accounting, and gain practical experience in business management, for people completely unfamiliar with accounting and business
  • opportunity safely and without the track store the operational information outside the business - the transmitted data is encrypted, and their structure, even after a potential interception and decryption does not give any idea of ​​what this data. Only access to the user’s workplace can provide access to business information. Such access and the possibility of making available it to other users have only the main user of service, and no one, including the maintenance staff of the network provider is not able to connect there. Be careful with storing the name and password for access to your system, to avoid your data’s loss.
  • the ability to increase the number of employees with access to the system from any location where there is any type of connection to the Internet is exist, without the need to raise additional hardware and software resources, technical staff, that allows to reduce, rather than increase spending on intelligent management of the business when it start grow
  • the ability of simultaneous using of basic, however powerful, tools for customer relationship management, human resource management.
  • ability to independently, or with the provider’s staff, change the interfaces for users, to draw new or modify existing reporting forms and documents in accordance with changes in legislation

The system allows all users of online services:

  • perform accounting of goods, materials, semi-finished products, finished products and other objects of accounting. Available methods of writing off the average, FIFO and LIFO with lots
  • keep records of cash and currency values, including exchange differences, intangible assets
  • maintain an unlimited number of companies in one or many charts of accounts, having common or separate directories of correspondents, goods and other objects of accounting
  • keep the records in the context of revenue and cost’s centres, adding new analytical indicators and empowering accounting and business analysis
  • customize the new templates of standard business operations and transactions, accelerating the work of employees, the implementation of new activities
  • store and use all the necessary information about the counterparties (customers and suppliers), including the data of their employees in the same form as for own employees
  • build an own system to collect and control the passage of orders, custom production (on demand), accounting for the additional cost of the business transaction
  • automatically work the VAT and with flexibly calculate the cost of particular business operations, goods, finished goods
  • use pre-configured templates of transactions and documents for various types of businesses that can be immediately taken to the work
  • use a powerful and versatile master of reports, flexible management of access rights to the data of employees

moreover, much more, as we describe in detail in other informational materials about the services and the software IMPFORCE.