9 Apr 2013

Recording of business records and other business objects that are interesting managers and owners is possible with online services of IMPGATE or with complete sets of IMPFORCE software products. Please look at the list below for detailed information about possible accounting (recording) for best management practice in any type of business.

16 Mar 2013

Bookkeeping online

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Bookkeeping online is a main part of services for accounting in online. This is a key factor to cut costs and reduce wasted time, for improving of management and business growth. Online bookkeeping performs in different services by different ways.

Self-service and self-service with professional reports (resp. Operate a business Beginner and Operate a business Standard) allows to the customer of IMPFORCE's service do the bookkeeping online independently. Verification can be performed by any accountant or by accountant of service provider that have access to enterprise and business solutions of the customer.

14 Mar 2013

Self-service in accountancy on the base of intelligent software platform IMPFORCE is absolutely easy for using and has many advantages such as:

  • any person who haven’t knowledge in accounting can work with services. Any quantity of subscribers’ staffs can work at the system simultaneously and also not to be experts in the field of accountancy
  • additional users of third parties can be involved into the user's system or be provided with some pieces of user's information (not only via export operations) at his discretion only by setting of access which are available only to main user, which has a role of administrator. User and only he are able to manage access into his system.
  • service provider's staffs are not able to access the system of user and special invitation of main user is required to that temporary access
  • any other persons can't access user's data if only user don't lose the login information.
13 Mar 2013

Yes, it is possible do self-accounting for entrepreneurs and companies. Not only simple bookkeeping is possible with self-accounting solution but and:

  • management optimization
  • optimization of company’s structure
  • creation and permanent extending of management accounting
  • growth of work efficiency of employees
  • control of cash flow, inventory items, debts and etc.
  • customers relations management
  • human resources management (as option)
15 Feb 2013

Intelligent software platform for management of companies and enterprises IMPFORCE® is modern business software with:

  • reliable, scalable, flexible architecture
  • modern and user-friendly features
  • flexible and editable interfaces and document templates with built-in RTF editor and reports editor
  • fully functional business tools for any type of business, from small to giant
  • and other contemporary features.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) related the online services for management or software IMPFORCE.