4 Apr 2013

Managerial accounting

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Managerial accounting is a main reason why a component IMPFORCE Accounting Beginner was produced by IMPFORCE team.

All online services represented on this site are based on Accounting Beginner component of the platform IMPFORCE.

Tools and preconfigured software solutions provides possibilities for small business accounting, medium business accounting and large business consolidated accounting which can be easily transformed into managerial accounting by customers.

22 Feb 2013

The process of enterprise management in the United Kingdom, of course, not only here, requires constant monitoring of all incoming and generated information on the status of various processes, objectives and goals, which requires either hard work of many staff in collecting and preparing data for analysis, or construction automated management accounting system (German synonym is controlling).

9 Feb 2013

May be this article has the flashy title however the author try to persuade the reader that software for business and private life is such.

Software anywhere

First argument that software everywhere is most simple to convince, because all of us saw that information technology provides us with software that rapidly wedged into our lives in private and public edges of it.

7 Feb 2013

Accounting and management accounting is the required target for any novice in a business. From one side business is obliged to provide required fiscal and financial statements and reports. From other side it in dire need of a quality accounting and analysis of incoming and consumable resources that is a base of success.

It is a big problem to start-ups and small business to tune this part of a business in conditions of lack of funds. The situation is exacerbated by the lack of professional service for good money. A novice in a business should make a hard choice between own money, own time and good control of a business.

7 Feb 2013

This is little bit strange that modern software do not help beginners or novice in a business at the same way as the software that control robots. This is a sad mistake that correction is started by IMPFORCE team.

User-friendly software for beginners in business should fit to the next needs of its consumers:


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