IMPFORCE Valdyti verslo Standartas

21 Vas 2013
Submitted by admin

IMPFORCE® Valdyti verslo Standartas  is the service that provides subscribers with accountancy as self-service, which is similar to the IMPFORCE Operate a Business Beginner, with additional professional service during preparation tax and annual reports.

Subscribers of the IMPFORCE Operate a Business Standard service can use online software for self-service in everyday bookkeeping practices. Entrepreneurs, business owners or their personnel, even those who do not skilled in accountancy, can reduce software, hardware, staff and business administration expenses and manage a business easily without concerns about it future.

Contemporary software provides modern business solutions for best management practice from first days of business establishing and helps the users to raise their knowledge, skills and experience in business. All of this is possible due the preinstalled templates of business solutions, multilanguage interfaces, and professional experience and advices of service provider's staff.

User of online business services gets possibilities for:

  • best management of their business with efficiency, accuracy and flexibility
  • semi or fully automatic preparation of all required fiscal, financial or internal reports
  • using of the business solution on three languages simultaneously
  • improving and scaling of typical business solution independently and raise it to a new level with a lot of custom operation templates, interfaces and report
  • professional help and errors correction in accordance to service rules or with additional services on demand (Please notice that service providers staff has no access to data while subscriber's responsible person do not provides them with it and after that staff will see only some aggregated information without any commercial details)
  • change and scale business solution functionality immediately after appearance of new business needs without or with helps of providers' personnel or any third parties
  • storing of all business data in one place, at hand, however under strict control of access rights by user
  • generation of all business data (by documents) and analyse them (in reports) within modern and inexpensive way, without additional human resources and costs
  • absolutely securely communications and exchange of documents, templates, reports and etc. with contractors or business partners
  • get and send the information directly in/from the system and accept incoming documents in accounting without paperwork, typing and other unnecessary operations.