Managerial accounting

4 Apr 2013
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Managerial accountingManagerial accounting is a main reason why a component IMPFORCE Accounting Beginner was produced by IMPFORCE team.

All online services represented on this site are based on Accounting Beginner component of the platform IMPFORCE.

Tools and preconfigured software solutions provides possibilities for small business accounting, medium business accounting and large business consolidated accounting which can be easily transformed into managerial accounting by customers.

Start-up businesses and small business get opportunity to improve their experience and create effective management system for the business from first days of business life.

Medium business can find internal sources for growth and expanding of business.

Business software IMPFORCE (as a box product or an online service) provides the next features for creation management accounting for any types of business on any types of markets.

Next tools and features provide customers and users with functionality of managerial accounting.

  • Customizable and unlimited dictionary of internal correspondents (e.g. branches, subsidiaries, departments, shops or trade offices, personnel) and counterparties (suppliers, contractors, customers and consumers) with number of object‘s properties give an opportunity analyse business in context of revenue and cost centres, sales and profitability of workers and departments, and other required contexts.
  • Flexible, customizable and unrestricted analytics provides users with special markers for any types and quantity of documents, operations, transactions or records. For example brands, collections, manufacturer, color and other desired user analytics.
  • Unlimited quantity of customizable charts of accounts provides customers with standard and alternative views of accounts which can be grouped by different properties.
  • Any quantity of accounting entries based on different charts of accounts can be used in the operation templates for automatic accounting in different accounting standards and systems.
  • Powerful reports wizard produces customizable reports from any types of objects and store these users’ reports as templates for future analyse of business or the reports can be used as data source for filling of any documents.
  • Built-in editor provides possibility customize existing documents and reports templates or create documents templates of users.