Recording of which objects is possible?

9 Apr 2013
Submitted by admin

Recording of business records and other business objects that are interesting managers and owners is possible with online services of IMPGATE or with complete sets of IMPFORCE software products. Please look at the list below for detailed information about possible accounting (recording) for best management practice in any type of business.

  • materials accounting and inventory;
  • management accounting: cost accounting, Resource Consumption Accounting (RCA), Project accounting, Activity-based costing (ABC), Throughput accounting, Lean accounting, Transfer pricing for holdings, Variance analysis, Grenzplankostenrechnung (GPK);
  • financial accounting;
  • fund accounting
  • employee time tracking;
  • personnel records (HRM);
  • customers records (CRM) which includes not only extended properties for customers and consumers, partners and contractors but also orders, contracts and invoices, acts of acceptance, claims and other objects which can be used as analytics in accounting and analyse;
  • documents management.

All of the above stated activities are absolutely under control of user and can be easily managed or their software management solutions can be reconfigured to the need of the company.