Self-service in accountancy: who can and how?

14 Mar 2013
Submitted by admin

Self-service in accountancy on the base of intelligent software platform IMPFORCE is absolutely easy for using and has many advantages such as:

  • any person who haven’t knowledge in accounting can work with services. Any quantity of subscribers’ staffs can work at the system simultaneously and also not to be experts in the field of accountancy
  • additional users of third parties can be involved into the user's system or be provided with some pieces of user's information (not only via export operations) at his discretion only by setting of access which are available only to main user, which has a role of administrator. User and only he are able to manage access into his system.
  • service provider's staffs are not able to access the system of user and special invitation of main user is required to that temporary access
  • any other persons can't access user's data if only user don't lose the login information.

How online self-service or professional service in accounting work?

Potential subscriber of the service need:

  • to register the account on the
  • to download client-side software and install it on own computer (software works on Windows from XP to 8 and under the any Linux / Unix under the Wine or WMware)
  • to connect the software to the server via preinstalled profile. Software will be updated automatically and user will be logged into the test business solution for testing. Any operation can be performed freely because the solution will be updated at night to previous state.
  • choose a service package from the pricelist on the site and ask local service provider for invoice
  • pay bill and work to end of the prepaid period.

That is all...