Software for beginners in business

7 Feb 2013
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software for beginners in business

This is little bit strange that modern software do not help beginners or novice in a business at the same way as the software that control robots. This is a sad mistake and it correction is started by IMPFORCE team.

User-friendly software for beginners in business should fit to the next needs of its consumers:

  • be simple and mobile for realization of any grandiose plans on base of contemporary technologies and knowledge
  • be reliable and satisfying all business needs during the long period of time from start of business
  • be flexible and scalable in using without any additional technical staffs
  • be secure and safe including communication
  • be low cost solution
  • be speedy and always at hand
  • and more other specific needs and requirements.

All of these desires, including last item, can be fulfilled by intelligent software platform for business management IMPFORCE today and in the future.

May be that strange, SME software or software for small business should be close to it big brother ERP by functionality. However IMPFORCE team is thinking otherwise. Business needs grows more quickly than budget and terms of implementing of new software for each stages of companies life is large. It is unreasonable (if only the user have not own offshore software company on paper) to replace the software if it is fit to current and future requirements. Only problem is to find the right software.

IMPFORCE is software for beginners (novice) in any business and created by creative people with strong knowledge and various experience in automation of different businesses. These people have automated as small companies with distributed sales points at retail and big businesses with more than 2000 employees at mining, manufacturing, wholesale, holding operation and etc. Their invaluable experience is able to help start-ups, small and medium business (SME) to develop the muscles from at low start or find a new energy source of development within a client company.

As addition to above stated software includes preinstalled ready-made solutions for operate the business and discovering new knowledge, skills and experience by any users of the intelligent management platform or its online service (SaaS).